Putting together a national tour is a beast – one with forty legs, umpteen hands capable of a thousand emails per second, impetigo and shifty, disappointed eyes. And, whilst we’re almost there, we’ve spent so long on contracts and copy that we forgot about the final hurdle – making the show.

But whilst we’re almost all spent, we swiftly realised that this final sprint was the treat that was going to make all our hard graft worth it. Because we got to meet Donna again and she’s been such an almighty miss.

We’re currently kicking off week two of rehearsals and our once-epic ‘to do’ list is getting trimmer by the day. Despite the ventriloquist dummy who plays Stuart being an absolute diva and the socks puppets needing a wee press, it’s all coming together beautifully – so, if you’ve not booked, get booked.

There’s a stunning new trailer featuring the kindly donated dulcet tones of Julia H – YouTube’s Ukulele Girl – and we’re reacquainting ourselves with many forgotten Donna moments, whilst finding lots of lush new ones.

For now though, we’re off to find Donna a suitably cringe-y costume and will be on Pride Radio tonight from 7pm so be sure to tune in – I’m hoping me and Paula get to do our favourite cover in the Live Lounge – or, at least, are allowed to push a little button.

Love and Light

Chicken Lee, Chicken Paula, Chicken Laura and Chicken Phil(let)

blog #10 – signed, sealed, delivered, she’s (almost) yours – 12th dec 2014


Between Paula’s kick-ass turn in Get Santa!, Laura’s foray into Amish line-dancing, Phil turning 20-just-a-bairn and Lee’s Quality Street induced diabetes, it’s been non-stop at team chicken, pox and fox of late.

We’ve signed, sealed and delivered umpteen contracts for next years giddy-as-a-christmas-slipper National Tour which means that Donna is almost yours.

Kicking off at our spiritual home of Live Theatre on 26th February we’ll be embarking on an almighty adventure akin to Willy Fogg going loads of places in that cartoon with that dog in that bowler hat…so get booking. The full tour listings are on the Donna Disco page of this very site and you’ve not a single excuse because we’ll be everywhere – like discount Christmas jumpers.

There’s a spellbinding new trailer to kiss you under the mistletoe with later this week and we even have an evocative new logo from illustrator extraordinaire Daniel Weatheritt.

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow Donna on twitter – @donnadisco – as she’ll be tweeting hopes and dreams aplenty in the run up to the tour…because just like the opening song offof Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – she’s ‘been to paradise’ but she’s ‘never been to Leeds.’


Spread it.

Love and Light

Chicken Lee, Chicken Paula, Chicken Laura and Chicken Phil(let)

blog #9 – tickled as pink as the rinky-dink panther – 24th sept 2014

STUART_Fotor       4_Fotor

Before you start, we’re well aware it’s been a while but we come bearing excitement aplenty.

Because the last few months – since we calmed ourselves down post Brown Bird at the Bush and scored a producer – have been awash with almighty preparations for the next leg of our grand and masterful plan.

We’ve commissioned a stunning little logo, been beavering away on lyrics for Betsy Ann, bought all but one of the props for Violet Violet, continued to collect characters for our sketch show and even have an Ebay bid on a fur coat for the colourful star of show #4.

As if that’s not enough, we’re tickled as pink as every episode of the rinky-dink panther to announce that…you might want to sit down…

Arts Council England have awarded us a grant to take Donna Disco on a National Tour and to make Betsy Ann a musical reality.

Forgive us if we don’t have time for fist pumps and celebratory Cinzano’s but there’s a multitude of venues to confirm, a Sherbet Herbert puppet to find and party poppers to source.

Let’s not leave it so long next time and we very much look forward to seeing you at one or all of the shows.

Love and Light

Chicken Lee, Chicken Paula, Chicken Laura and Chicken Phil(let)

blog #8 – you can’t make a fist if you’re limp-wristed – 2nd apr 2014

Image          Image

It’s certainly safe to say that we’re currently as excited as that song offof the Crunchie advert here at chez Chicken Pox Fox* (*Lee’s house, Paula’s house, any pub.)

Because in our absence – since we rendered The Bush agog with the disabled brownies of Brown Bird – we’ve been planning and plotting some thrilling new ventures for this upcoming year.

In no specific order, the projects you can expect to be smashed in the face with some time soon are:

Betsy Ann

A country and western-inspired musical which spans Scotland, sexuality and the super bowl, and may very well include a song entitled ‘you can’t make a fist if you’re limp-wristed.’

Violet Violet

A mockumentary film project about a girl with no thumbs and her obsessive quest to find not only two missing pieces of herself, but each and every one of them.


Born out of the odds and sods that make us hyperventilate with hysterics, this is a mash-up of Eurovision faux pas’s, Wookiee bingo callers and sticky little boys called Toby.

Furthermore, we have a new addition to team Chicken, Pox and Fox in the form of a glittering new producer who goes by the name of Phil Hargreaves.  We have him care of the The Empty Space‘s This Way Up initiative which we were invited to apply for before Christmas.

In his very own third person words, here’s a little bit about our new-kid-on-this-block but not all-the-blocks Phil…

‘Phil Hargreaves has a vast amount of experience working with a broad mix of artists and companies at varying career levels.  His work includes creative and strategic development, advocacy, UK and International Tour Producing, relationship building, fundraising and mentoring.

Phil has a great understanding of the UK touring circuit and has toured well over three thousand shows across the UK to theatres, festivals and outdoor events.  Over the past five years, Phil has worked on tours to Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and America and has worked with some of the UK’s leading theatre companies such as Third Angel, Stan’s Cafe, Hull Truck Theatre, Theatre Alibi, RashDash and Fifth Word.

Phil has been working with Dep Arts for the last 5 years as a Producer and recently left the company to work in a freelance capacity.’

…we know.  He’s mint and comes with a name that can be effortlessly adapted to Chicken Phil(let).  Win win.

And that’s it for now, which we think is enough to keep you tantalisingly ticking over for the time being.

It is worth flagging up that we’re just putting the finishing touches to a teaser trailer for ‘Violet Violet’ which will find it’s way into your retinas in the next couple of days…so watch this racy space.

Love and Light

Chicken Lee, Chicken Paula, Chicken Laura and Chicken Phil(let)